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Shari-Vari is an independent brand consultancy and creative studio founded by Patrick Little in London, 2014.

After working for Oi Polloi, Saint Laurent, and Norse Projects between 2006 and 2013, Patrick established his own consultancy and began working with a range of new and established fashion and lifestyle brands.

Services provided vary for each client, but usually include a mix of the below.

Brand Identity and Positioning

Identity and DNA
Audience Profile

Topics of engagement / tone of voice

Non-product conversations that enhance and establish brand values

Marketing Strategy

Often brands view marketing and communication as the final cog in the chain. You design a product or collection, you make it, you sell it.

I believe that marketing is more effective when considered at the beginning of the chain, And work with brands to refine design and creative direction concepts before anything gets made.

What is the collection inspiration ?

How much does it engage with the target audience?

How relevant is the concept in terms of the general landscape and cultural trends?

Is it the right balance of cool v commercial?

What are the collection ‘stories’ and how can they be organised into content ?

Is the brand moving forwards or repeating old ideas?


Create and maintain marketing calendar

Identify and manage any collaborators for content