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Closer / Tam Tam




Tam Tam

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Dark Entries (DE-165)

1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM Single Reissue Remastered

Release date: Jul 19, 2017, US

Dark Entries reissue of mind-blowing 12" from Parisian Jean-Marie Salaun. Both tracks were staples in the DJ sets of Beppe Loda and Daniele Baldelli, finding a spiritual home in the Cosmic scene of Italy.

“Closer” started its life as an electric bassline played by Jean-Marie. Claude Arto sequenced the floating synthesisers. Laurent Grangier and Frédéric Lapierre of reggae band Immigration Act played the horns. The lyrics “Hard to say. Easy to do. We don’t need to say what we do” were a statement on creation as narration expressed Jean-Marie’s ennui, “I’m tired with it.” “Tam Tam” was inspired by Burundi drummers playing on the plaza in front of Beaubourg where the song was recorded. Jean-Marie enlisted one of the drummers from the circle, Georges Atta Dikalo, to lay down percussion for the song. The female singers were from the French Caribbean and added falsetto tribal chants.

An exact replica of the OG '81 edition, remastered for vinyl, with double-sided insert of photos & liner notes by Jean-Marie Salaun.