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EDLP2022-1 BEC5610193


1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Feb 18, 2022

9 track "Italian Hip Hop" mini album in a Madlib mixtape style from Quentin Dupieux a.k.a. Mr Oizo and Phra. Ed Banger 2022.

9 track "Italian Hip Hop/ House" mini album in a mixtape style from Quentin Dupieux a.k.a. Mr Oizo and Phra. Ed Banger 2022.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Foie Gras




Date 2


Un Attimo




Hot In Her




Serenata Barbecue


Hits Me


Foie Gras (Instrumental)


Sylvie (Instrumental)


Date 2 (Instrumental)


Un Attimo (Instrumental)


Easyjet (Instrumental)


Hot In Her (Instrumental)


Borrachos (Instrumental)


Serenata Barbecue (Instrumental)


Hits Me (Instrumental)

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