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Another top shelf Detroit Ghettotech release on Omar S' FXHE imprint, following last year's Hi Tech album. One of the best of the year so far. Fresh!
Killer 2018 EP from Priori & Edouard Le repressed! Outstanding, deep, warm Detroit electro vibes!
Drawing inspiration from the depths of late 70’s NYC proto-rap disco instrumentals, Nigerian boogie, Jamaican dub and modern jazzy house - The Lahaar is a Trans-Tasman collaboration between Julien Dyne, Horatio Luna and Surprise Chef’s Lachlan Stuckey, featuring Mara TK and Toby Laing on vocals.The EP embarks on a 5-track rollercoaster - kicking off with “Doin’ It”, fast-paced jazz-funk peppered with marimba and organ riffs, balanced out by the siren vocals of Mara TK.“Step 2” suddenly brakes and swerves into cruise mode, repurposing the trumpets and dub echoes - picking up tempo in the soulful melancholia of “Work Work Work”. In the last two tracks the organs and guitars make a frenetic comeback by way of disco-house, ending with a nod to 70s cop movie funk.
Originally released in 2021, Shinichiro Yokota's album 'Tokonoma Style' comes on a 2x12" from Soichi Terada's Far East Recordings.Over a diverse set of songs, the veteran Tokyo producer makes full use of his collection of vintage synthesisers such as AKAI's sampler S1100, KORG M1 and PROPHET-5 (his trusted machines that he's used since the early 90s).
2023 repress! Reggae disco cover of ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Jamaican artist Yvonne Archer. The full length original 12” mix gets the reissue treatment along with the Lovers Rock leaning ‘Checking Out The Way I Feel’.On the flip Jura Soundsystem provide 2 edits, a main edit that pulls back on the electric guitar from the original and a Dub adding subtle delays and sparse use of the Vocal to let the groove work its magic.
One-off project from Michel Esteban, founder of ZE Records. Killer leftfield pop sitting between French Synth Pop + Leftfield Disco. Don't miss!
Pacific Rhythm presents a grounding offering from Oakland's Space Ghost entitled Private Paradise as their first release of 2022. The LP is an ode to Space Ghost's time spent at Sea Ranch on the Northern California coast, a place he and his partner visit to refresh their spirit and regain optimism and enthusiasm for the outside world.Private Paradise possesses a rare ability to restore, rejuvenate, and inspire through each listen and is something we've only grown more and more fond of during the unforeseen complications we encountered during its release over the past two years. It's a piece of music that feels like a perfect nod to where we've been musically for the past 8 years and where we see ourselves heading in the future. Deep, contemplative, and uplifting audio that compels its listeners to focus on the positive forces in the world and the power of being present in a moment. - Pacific Rhythm
Repress! 2021 LP from Oakland producer Space Ghost. Nods to the very best of the deep US & Italo House sounds. Tip!
2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Daft Punk multi Grammy winning hit record Random Access Memories including Get Lucky, Instant Crush, Lose Yourself To Dance and featuring Pharell Willams, Nile Rodgers, Julien Casablancas, Paul Williams, Panda Bear and Todd Edwards. To celebrate this milestone a special expanded edition will be released including 35 minutes of unreleased music (Demo and Studio Outtakes). Also includes a special Lose Yourself To Dance poster.
Originally released on Tommy Musto’s New York based Atmosphere Records in 1991. Chapter 2 is the follow up release to “First Power”, full of vibrant ideas about the future direction of dance music and yet this would be the last collaboration between Mundo Muzique & Phenix Estrada. However they left us something special with these 4 cuts ranging from jacking hypnotic house to string laden broken beats and punishing breaks.A timeless in demand release and remastered from the original DAT.
Yellow Jackets number 6 pushes things forward with two exceptional pieces by Byron The Aquarius and Deenamic. The modern jazz funk of the American keyboard wizard meets the relentless electronic futuristic programming of the elusive Deenamic!
Quality new deep house cuts from Italian producer St. David on Groovin. Fans of Boo Williams, Glenn Underground etc check!
Originally released in 2021, Shinichiro Yokota's album 'Tokonoma Style' comes on a 2x12" from Soichi Terada's Far East Recordings.Over a diverse set of songs, the veteran Tokyo producer makes full use of his collection of vintage synthesisers such as AKAI's sampler S1100, KORG M1 and PROPHET-5 (his trusted machines that he's used since the early 90s).
Essential Rush Hour 12 featuring 2 mixes of KILLER proto-house bomb 'Nightgruv', and the epic euphoric synth soul anthem 'I Want Your Love' on the flip. Rarely leaves the bag!
** 2023 REPRESS*** The Sound Of Vast imprint offers up a retrospective collection of cuts from Shinichiro Yokota (who had 2 tracks on Hunee's 'Sounds From The Far East' compilation for Rush Hour). None of these tracks have been pressed on vinyl before now. A loaded compilation full of choice bumps + positive House vibes recorded over the last 28yrs! TIP!The 12-track collection traverses through Yokota’s emotive and playful house sound - employing infectious synth hooks, analogue drums, soulful vocals and an underlying positive energy throughout. Sound Of Vast shine a light on one of Japan’s unsung heroes of House. Designed as an introduction those unfamiliar with his impressive back catalogue, and for hardcore fans alike.Shinichiro Yokota: “In the late 80s my obsession towards House music began and the biggest influence I had was through Soichi Terada. I went to his house almost every week, and watched him perform his magic with synthesisers, samplers, and sequencers. I soon learned how to use them as well and started producing a variety of tracks. Many of the tracks produced during this time were released on CD or vinyl through ‘Far East Recording’. This project is a careful selection of tracks from the early 90s which haven’t been released on vinyl ever. It is my 30 years chronicle. ‘TOKYO 018’ is a track Soichi and myself collaborated on for the first time in 15 years. Not all the tracks on this record where produced with Soichi, but it’s safe to say that all my tracks have been influenced by and ‘created’ together with him.Soichi Terada: ‘’Amongst the 90's Japanese house music that’s been re-evaluated in recent years, many people are highly recognising "Do It Again". One thing that comes to my mind which I contribute to this song's producer, Shinichiro Yokota, is the excitement and cheers of the audience when I perform it in my live show. With just 7 notes of refrain making the dance floor really pop up. Thanks to that I had the opportunity to do over 120 live shows in various European cities. Many people mistakenly think "Do It Again" is a Soichi Terada's production because of the wrong credits on YouTube, but at least those of you who love this record will be reaffirming the beautiful sound that Shinichiro Yokota is creating. And Shinichiro Yokota, you "Did It Again"! That's what you are feeling.’’
Reissue of Terrence Parker’s fantastic EP from 95′ on his Intangible label remastered & sounding fresh as ever. Classic Detroit house - timeless and essential!